7-Eleven’s newest fresh offering

7-Eleven are looking to expand their fresh food offering.

7-Eleven is set to shake up its fresh food offering and reshape its image.

7-Eleven chief executive officer Angus McKay said consumers were seeking healthier options when they shopped, The Australian reported.

“We have a very large push in the direction around fresh food within the convenience channel and we are seeing our customers respond to those in terms of their range of shopping, their transactions, and if you like their perceptions of where the stores are at,’’ he said.

While 7-Eleven is known for cheap chocolate and sugary Slurpies, the c-store chain is ready to adapt to expand on what it’s popular for.

Since opening its first store in Australia 40 years ago, it now has 70 stores nationwide and makes sales of up to $4 billion per year.

Mr McKay said: “That is our heritage: everybody loves a good Slurpee and a chocolate bar, but we are deliberately pushing ourselves into that fresh sector and giving our customers choice.

“So if you want a Slurpee by all means have one but equally if you want a piece of fruit or a sandwich or salad you can find that also in our stores.’’

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  1. I’m not sure that I would want to eat food prepared and sold by angry Indians on 457 Visa being paid $1 an hour and having their passports withheld like slaves. Start treating these people correctly like proper employees and maybe sales of your food will increase.

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