9CHA milk tea goes from niche to mainstream

Australia’s first RTD milk tea 9CHA has seen extraordinary growth since launching less than three years ago.

9CHA was originally released in a 200ml pouch in three flavours, including Original, Wildberry, and Jasmine. Since then, and in listening to consumer feedback, the brand has launched a new 500ml bottle range in its two most popular flavours, Original and Jasmine. These flavours come in both the original recipe as well as a new no added sugar variety.

Co-founder Sean Issell said that 9CHA is a true success story having attracted the attention of Australia’s biggest retailers and being the first product of its kind to hit the local market.

“Initially we were focused primarily on the international market (9CHA is sold in six countries throughout Asia), however the opportunity in Australia for a ready-made milk tea was just too great to ignore,” he said.

The great taste and light texture of 9CHA has already attracted praise from a diverse range of consumers (Milk Tea and Tea Flavoured Milk Drinkers) from many different backgrounds. It combines the quality of Australian ingredients while incorporating a traditional Milk Tea Asian taste.

“The interest for a different style of dairy based beverages has been immense,” said Jay Shao, Director and Co-founder, 9CHA.

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