Three favourites combine for a mouth-watering collaboration

Peters ice-cream, Cadbury chocolate, and Oreo cookies have come together to create the all new Oreo Stick Sandwich now available through the P&C channel.

For years, we were simply twisting, licking, and dunking our Oreos, looking to the heavens, and wondering – is this as good as it gets?

When finally, an innovative go-getter reimagined the approach with an inspired decision to switch the cream with ice-cream, bung it on a stick, and replace the milk with creamy Cadbury milk-chocolate.

Thus, creating the Oreo Stick Sandwich.

The Oreo Stick Sandwich is an Oreo ice-cream sandwich frozen on a stick and dunked into a thick layer of mouth-water Cadbury milk chocolate, a delightful and delicious spin on the classic Oreo move of dunking the biscuit into milk.

The coming together of three of Australia’s favourite sweet treats is sure to be a delight to fans across the country.

Firstly, you have Peters, Australia’s leading and favourite ice cream associated with hot summers and beach trips. Combine that with one of the world’s favourite cookies in Oreo and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Finally, dunk it into some creamy, dairy-milk chocolate and it transcends heaven.

Available in singles at a RRP of $4 and multi-packs of four at RRP $8.50.

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