A Toatl-ly unique flavoured milk from Sanitarium

The newly launched Toatl flavoured oat milk combines the deliciousness of traditional flavoured milk with the growing trend of plant based options.

The three flavours include a decadent chocolate, a smooth caramel, and a fruity flavoured strawberry, all made using Aussie oats, by an Aussie company, right here in Australia.

Toatl plans to disrupt the flavoured milk segment with its oat milk based offer, using the knowledge that oat milk has been outgrowing other milks in the category over the last two to three years, and predicting that this trend will continue as more consumers add plant based milk into their repertoire.

Recognising that plant based eating is on the rise, and with an increasing number of consumers adopting plant based milk into their diets, Toatl capitalised.

Tim Clarke, Shopper Strategy Manager at Sanitarium, producer of Toatl, said the flavoured milk segment thrives on innovation.

“With more consumers at the fridge looking for a plant based option, Toatl provides the opportunity to convert these shoppers with a great tasting offer. This will bring new consumers into the segment and drive incremental sales. It’s a must have!”

Most importantly, said Clarke, is that they wanted to make a plant based flavoured milk option that didn’t compromise on taste.

“We know that flavoured milk is a bit of a treat, and we couldn’t be happier with how delicious Toatl tastes. We have three of the most popular flavours – everyone loves chocolate and we’re sure our smooth and creamy tasting Chocolate Flavour will be a hit. Fruity Strawberry Flavour is a delightful treat, and our silky-smooth Caramel Flavour is a standout.”

Appealing to a younger generation that is increasingly health focused, Toatl provides a tasty alternative to traditional flavoured milk.

“This younger generation wants to eat healthy without taste compromise and are embracing plant based eating. They are likely to consume dairy and PBM, so having ToatL Flavoured Oat Milk provides a plant based option to meet changing taste and preferences,” explained Clarke.

The initial launch will see the new flavoured milks packaged in 500ml PET bottles.

“Quick and easy, grab and go convenience with a 500ml PET bottle you can consume immediately or reseal to have enjoy later.”

With ranging already secured across 7-Eleven, Coles Express, Ampol, and bp, ToatL can be found in the majority of buying groups throughout the petrol and convenience channel.

To order contact The Distributors on 1800 989 022.

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  1. Genuinely the best plant based flavored milked on the market !!!! PLEAAASSSEEEEEE put these in super markets !! Coles / woolies!!

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