a2 Milk CEO steps down

CEO and Managing Director of a2 Milk Company Jayne Hrdlicka has announced she will step down from the role.

In a statement Ms Hrdlicka cited a clash with the growing demands of the expanding business and her existing commitments, including family, for her decision.

Adding that she was not in a position to deliver on the requirements outlined in the company’s future business strategy.

“The reality however is that the next three-five years will continue to require the CEO being present in our core markets of China and the US, and that combined with running a New Zealand company based in Australia required more travel than I had anticipated when I joined the company,” she announced.

“The Board and I agreed that this next phase is going to be too difficult to manage alongside my other commitments whilst also managing the health and wellness priorities of my family and me.”

The company have announced they will commence a global search for her successor, with former CEO Geoffrey Babidge as acting CEO in the interim.

Company chairman David Hearne thanked Ms Hrdlicka, reiterating their commitment to the strategy she helped implement.

“… (the company) remains confident that the strategic course of the business which was recently communicated at the Annual Meeting will continue to deliver strong rewards to all shareholders in the future,” he said. 2 Milk

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