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AACS CEO says convenience stores will be integral during lockdown

As Victoria prepares to head back into lockdown, the CEO of the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS), Theo Foukkare, says that convenience stores will play an integral role in servicing their local communities.

“AACS is thinking of all Victorians and urges the general public to support the new measures,” he says.

“In light of this new seven-day lockdown to try and help contain the spread, petrol and convenience stores across Victoria will play an integral role as an essential service for consumers.

“We are around the corner from most people’s homes and can assist in the supply of groceries, food, coffee and general household items. 

“AACS commissioned research through CMA around consumer behaviour during COVID-19, which showed that consumers trust their local convenience store more than any other retail channel, as they were clean, had security screens installed, offered sanitiser and weren’t crowded. Consumers told us they could get in quickly, grab their essential needs and get out.

“Our members are part of every local community and are ready to stand up and play the essential role that is required during these hard times.”

Foukkare also stressed that this should be a wake-up call to all Australians about the importance of getting vaccinated when they are eligible to do so.

“The Australian public need to see this as a wake-up call. The only way life as we know it will go back to the new normal is if we all line up and get vaccinated.

“I personally have had my first vaccination and will receive my second on 19 June. As kids, our parents had no idea about vaccines apart from we needed to have them – so we did it. Suddenly, we have a population of experts on the topic. Everyone needs to simply do their part for Australia to keep powering ahead. “

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