AACS Summit Day 1 part 1

Crowd shot of Day 1.

As the first day of the Australasian Association of Convenience Stores (AACS) Summit kicked off, AACS CEO Jeff Rogut began by speaking about the last twelve months across the convenience sector.

“It’s been a very full twelve months,” Mr Rogut said, “we had a very successful trip to the US”, he said speaking of the 2017 Overseas Study Tour.

Mr Rogut also spoke of the various industry events that had taken place over the last year including the AACS Peter Jowett Awards, Women in Convenience and the annual State of the Industry report (SOI).

Speaking of the SOI Report, Mr Rogut said the industry had been fairly static in the years previous but the last twelve months were tracking at about 2.3% up, taking figures back to where the industry was a year or two ago.

7-Eleven Head of Marketing and a Director on the board of AACS Julie Laycock said she was excited to listen and learn from the amazing speakers that would be speaking during the AACS Summit.

“Our vision is to be the champion of convenience retailing,” Ms Laycock said.

“Don’t underestimate convenience and the great career it can offer you. It really is an exciting place to be.”

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