Abbott’s Village Bakery goes gluten free

Abbott’s Village Bakery has released a range of gluten free bread loaves.

The range currently consists of two variants, Soy & Linseed and Mixed Seed, with both breads high in fibre with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives and gluten free.

The Soy & Linseed bread contains a mixture of kibbled soy, linseed, chia and quinoa. The Mixed Seeds loaf contains carefully selected ingredients and is baked with sunflower, linseed, pumpkin, chia and poppy seeds.

mixed_seeds_pack soy__linseed_pack

Maddison Fox, Abbott’s Village Bakery nutritionist and accredited practising dietitian, said: “With more and more Australians opting to reduce the amount of gluten in their diet, we wanted to develop a tasty, soft and satisfying gluten free loaf that still tasted and felt like bread, yet suited the dietary needs of those following a gluten free diet.”

“We found the main point of tension with gluten free breads was the tendency for the slices to be smaller and more crumbly. We wanted to create a gluten free loaf that matched regular breads in taste without sacrificing the soft texture that we are all used to. Plus it was really important to offer sandwiches that you can eat with two hands.”

Stockists of the Abbott’s Village Bakery Gluten Free Bread range include Woolworths and selected Coles supermarkets as well as independent retailers, at an RRP of $6.99.

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  1. Can you ple
    ase let me know where i can buy the Abbotts village gluten free mixed seeds bread?

    Regards Connie.
    A loyal costumer.

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