Moo Premium Foods stops “100% ocean plastic” claim

The ACCC has accepted a court-enforceable undertaking from Moo Premium Foods following an investigation into its environmental claims.

From at least November 2021 to the date of the undertaking, Moo claimed its yoghurt tubs were made from “100% ocean plastic”, which the consumer watchdog was concerned gave the impression they were made from plastic waste collected directly from the ocean, when this was not the case.

Liza Carver, ACCC Commissioner, said making false statements about a product’s environmental or sustainability qualities can mislead consumers, as well as put businesses making genuine claims at a competitive disadvantage.

“Our investigation revealed that the plastic resin used in the manufacture of Moo’s yoghurt packaging was collected from coastal areas in Malaysia, and not directly from the ocean.

“It is important that environmental and sustainability claims by businesses are correct as they are a key influence on consumer choices and what people spend their money on.”

Moo has cooperated with the ACCC and has undertaken to replace the “100% ocean plastic” representation with updated packaging that reads “100% ocean bound plastic”. The company has also committed to conducting internal audits of the “ocean bound plastic” resin used in their packaging.

“This enforcement outcome against Moo is a reminder of the importance for businesses to regularly review any environmental or sustainability claims about their products to ensure they are correct and up to date,” said Carver.

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