Aldi’s recyclable paper bags hit stores nationwide

Aldi has announced the phase out of its reusable plastic bag and the introduction of a 100 per cent kerbside recyclable paper bag alternative.

In addition to the 25c paper bag, shoppers can also choose from the 99c Le Bag Recycle, which is made from 80 per cent recycled material and provides an additional level of reusability for when shoppers purchase bulky or heavy items.

Daniel Baker, Sustainability Director at Aldi Australia, said Australians are continuing to make more conscious choices and Aldi wants to continue to meet their demands.

“Ultimately, bringing your own bags every time you shop is the most sustainable option. We encourage customers to continue doing so, but when they can’t, our paper bags are now available. These may seem like small changes, but they all add up to making a big difference.”

The removal of the plastic bag will see more than 888 tonnes of plastic removed from circulation annually and contributes to Aldi Australia’s commitment towards a 25 per cent reduction in the use of plastic packaging by 2025.

“Since then [2019], we have stopped around 4,000 tonnes of plastic from being introduced, and just by never having provided single-use carrier bags, we have saved an estimated 8.6 billion plastic bags from entering the market in the 22 years we’ve been operating in Australia,” said Baker.

The new paper bags, which are Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified and 100 per cent kerbside recyclable, are available now. The remainder of the 15c plastic bags will continue to be available throughout stores over the next few months until sold out.

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