All G Foods – good for you and good for the planet

All G Foods has a mission of creating not just delicious foods, but foods that are sustainable and great for the planet.

After raising $16 million in one of Australia’s most successful seed funding rounds, All G Foods set about creating a positive food movement, dedicated to making food all good, for everyone and everything through our alt protein and food-positive brands.

“Our mission is to take the weight and heartache out of feeding our beautiful planet. The answer is delicious, nutritious, protein-packed and earth-friendly plant-based food,” said an All G Foods spokesperson.

Through their first range of delicious and nutritious plant-based products Love BUDS, All G Foods is well on its way to achieving that goal.

“Our growing range of plant-based products and brands across meat and dairy will touch the hearts and souls of millions of people in the coming years, and together achieve massive positive impacts for the greater good.”

Love BUDS has scrumptious 100 per cent plant-based options such as burger patties and mince, that you will hardly believe isn’t meat.

Chuck BUDS in your burger to taste a completely GMO free, healthy, sustainable meat alternative that doesn’t compromise on texture or flavour.

Impress your family and friends at your next BBQ, with the Love BUDS range of 125g burger patties, 40 slider patties, and the new 500g pack of BUDS mince.

What’s the sell?

  • So much ‘meaty’ taste – it’s hard to wrap your head around
  • A sizzle on the grill you’ll flip over
  • 100 per cent plant-based pleasure
  • Void of nasty GMOs

The BUDS family

  • 125g BUDS Burger Patties
  • 40g BUDS Slider Patties
  • NEW 500g BUDS Mince

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