Amaysim behind Hasselhoff stunt

Australian telco Amaysim has confirmed it was behind David Hasselhoff’s newly inked name change, with the social media stunt part of its new marketing campaign based on offering customers “Less Hassel, More Hoff”.

The American actor announced via his Facebook and Twitter on Friday morning (Australian time) that he would be changing his name in order to get rid of some of the “hassle” in his life.

“Big news today and a massive relief for me,” Hasselhoff wrote in a tweet to accompany the video. “I hope everyone can understand… it feels great!”

The announcement immediately sparked a global media storm and widespread social media chatter as his legion of fans around the world weighed in on the controversial move.

At the same time, his social media monikers were changed from David Hasselhoff to David Hoff, further fueling speculation as to what was behind the move. Amaysim has since revealed it was behind the stunt, aiming to promote its suite of simplified, no lock in contracts.

Amaysim’s Chief Commercial Officer, Andrew Balint, said the campaign was a fun way of challenging Aussies to think about whether they are simply choosing to live with hassles they don’t have to.

“This is part of a broader campaign we’re launching today to remind Aussies that taking at least one hassle out of your life can be as simple as changing your mobile phone plan,” Balint said.

“Anyone can relate to wanting to kick a few of life’s hassles to the kerb, and we were buzzing at the thought of working with a global icon like The Hoff to have some fun while showing people how easy it is to make life a bit simpler.”

The ad campaign will span TV, radio, digital and social.

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