Amazon expands delivery service to Brisbane

Amazon is growing its Flex service, launching the delivery service in Brisbane today.

The service works by employing drivers – in a similar set up to Uber, who use their own cars and set their own hours to deliver packages. Firstt launched in Australia in January, the service currently has more than one thousand drivers across Melbourne and Sydney.

Drivers sign up to join Flex through an app, and can begin making deliveries as soon as their background checks are cleared. The service will supplement the company’s existing delivery services and aid the heightened demand due to increases in online shopping during the pandemic.

The expansion also reflects the company’s growing presence in Queensland, where it will open its first Brisbane fulfillment centre by the end of the year. It has also expanded its Amazon Hub service, offering more parcel pick up points across the state in the Gold Coast, Townsville and the Sunshine Coast.

Amazon Australia Director of Operations, Craig Fuller, said he was pleased to be able to offer more flexible employment options for Brisbane workers, especially during a time of heightened unemployment.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer hundreds of flexible earning opportunities to people in Brisbane at a time when they are more needed than ever. Our delivery partners tell us they enjoy the flexibility they have to schedule delivery blocks around their existing commitments – whether it’s their primary job, or caring for their children. With greater control of when they work, Amazon Flex delivery partners are able to juggle this new normal with securing extra income,” he said.

“Expanding our Amazon Flex network into Brisbane gives us the ability to respond to peaks in customer demand, while providing our Brisbane customers more ways to get goods delivered directly to their doorstep. Our role in supporting the community during this time is an important one and we are committed to getting people the items they need, when they need them. Ultimately, Amazon Flex will result in faster delivery promises for our Brisbane customers.”

Since launching in Australia in late 2017, Amazon has grown to offer 125 million products for sale across 31 categories.

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  1. Nice, I have received deliveries by Amazon on 2 Sundays consecutively now, first I thought it was a fluke but now I know they are actually delivering on Sundays, that is amazing!!

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