America’s Peter Dutton considers Aussie expansion

Despite Australian Prime Minister hopefull Peter Dutton having his dreams broken last week, another Peter Dutton is considering how best to use his new-found fame.

The American Peter Dutton found himself caught in the crossfire of Australian politics recently and has been having fun with the case of mistaken identity.

Peter Dutton from Texas in the US, owns the popcorn business Soul Popped Popcorn which is available through Amazon, and was using his 15 minutes of fame to promote the business to his Twitter followers.

Mr Dutton said: “I’ve been running my own race with Soul Popped Popcorn. That race is different … I’m still the people’s Prime Minister”.

Mr Dutton has since been in conversation with Amazon Australia as well as other keen distributors to bring the brand down-under.

He has also launched a campaign via crowdfunding to cover the costs of him making a visit to Australia to promote the popcorn.

“Our plan is to get into Australia as fast as possible,” Mr Dutton said. 

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