Ampol and ExxonMobil’s new alliance

Under the arrangement announced this week, Ampol will blend, distribute and market Mobil lubricants in Australia.

Ampol will use its strategic infrastructure positions and supply chain expertise, as well as its local production capabilities and import channels to supply Mobil lubricants to its Australian retail and business customers, through both direct and distributor channels.

The manufacturing, marketing and distribution will begin next year, and is expected to take 12 months to complete.

ExxonMobil is considered a leader in lubricant technology and has played a part in many historic landmark moments, including the first petrol powered car and the first powered flight.

Ampol Managing Director and CEO Matthew Halliday said the new alliance would help bring these high performance products to the Australian market.

“Our customers know us for our extensive knowledge and capabilities in sourcing and manufacturing trusted, high-quality lubricants. We explored several options to find the right lubricant technology for our customers and believe that Mobil lubricants are a perfect fit,” Mr Halliday said..

“This alliance forms part of the revitalisation of Ampol and supports our commitment to continuing to evolve our lubricants offering to support the changing needs of our customers. Ampol is Australia’s leading transport fuels provider and has been delivering quality products to Australians for over 120 years. We look forward to working with ExxonMobil, who bring global knowledge, leading lubricants technology and experience to our customer offering.”

ExxonMobile Vice President of Finished Lubricants, Russ Green, said the alliance would benefit consumers.

“The alliance will build on the success of Mobil lubricants in Australia by combining our world-class brand and lubricant technology with Ampol’s scale, Australian expertise and strong customer relationships to deliver our advanced lubricants to more customers across Australia.”

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