Ampol completes rollout of its upgraded Amplify Premium Fuels

Ampol has completed the rollout of its upgraded and more environmentally friendly petrol and diesel product range, Amplify Premium Fuels.

The upgrade of Amplify Premium Fuels includes a new additive that helps increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions by more effectively cleaning the fuel system when compared to fuel without the additive, as proven by a series of local trials.

The trials confirmed that the inclusion of the latest generation additive technology to Amplify Diesel improves fuel efficiency by up to four per cent, as well as reducing CO2 emissions by up to five per cent compared to the ongoing use of regular diesel. Similar trials with Amplify Premium Unleaded petrol yielded an improved fuel efficiency of up to two per cent compared to 91 RON unleaded petrol.

To support Australian heavy industry, Ampol also tested the latest generation Amplify Diesel HD on local heavy duty mining equipment, where it delivered up to 3.9 per cent in fuel efficiency savings, up to 40 per cent reduction in particulate matter (PM 2.5 emissions) and up to 22 per cent reduction in hydrocarbon emissions when compared to ongoing use of regular diesel.

Patrick Luxton, Ampol General Manager Supply and Optimisation said that the upgrade of Amplify Premium Fuels forms part of Ampol’s strategy to deliver its customers world-class fuels that deliver in Australian conditions and support improved environmental outcomes.

“We are passionate about supporting the journeys of Australians and enhancing the performance of their engines, wherever they travel.

“Amplify Premium Fuels have been specifically formulated for Australian conditions and our local trials have proven the inclusion of the new additive technology helps deliver a cleaner engine and reduced environmental impacts through reduced emissions.

“We have a long history of fuelling journeys for Australians, and we look forward to continuing to do so as we revitalise the iconic Ampol brand.”

The complete range of Amplify Premium Fuels are designed to help clean and protect the engine’s fuel system as you drive by removing power inhibiting deposits that form on the injector tips when using regular or unadditised fuels.

Amplify Premium Fuels are available at all Ampol sites across the country. More than 200 retail sites have been rebranded to Ampol since August 2020, with the entire network of more than 1,900 sites set to complete their transition by end 2022.

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