Angus McKay updates on 7-Eleven

7-Eleven CEO Angus McKay has provided an update on the company.

Mr McKay said the company’s collective efforts have seen a growth of transactions in store.

“With all we have coming up, including 7-Eleven Day on Wednesday 7 November, let’s continue the momentum in the lead up to what will hopefully be a very successful festive trading season,” Mr McKay said.

Mr McKay also said the company had many “great promotions” and products that will be introduced over the busy trading season.

“Over the past few months the teams have launched Kit Kat Gold share bar, Nestlé Snax varieties, and Allens Small Bags Frogs Alive 64g and Jelly Babies 70g,” he said.

“These products were exclusive to our stores. Nestlé have supported product sampling to drive engagement with our store leaders and support offices.”

Mr McKay commended the 7-Eleven teams on their involvement in national safe work month in October.

“I’ve encouraged my team to commit to taking a safety moment every day in our workplaces,” Mr McKay said.

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