Are the lighters you sell PUTTING YOU AT RISK?

Do you stock lighters that comply with Australian safety standards? Pocket lighters are different from other consumer goods and pocket lighters sold in the Australia are required to be safe

Lighters are only presumed safe if they comply with two International standards: ISO 9994 (Safety Standards) and EN 13869 (Child Resistance). The International standard ISO 9994 requires the resistance of lighters to various critical tests, whilst EN 13869 requires lighter resistance to ignition by at least 85% of children under 51 months old.

Lighters are considered inherently hazardous since they produce a flame and contain gas – consumers expose their lighters to a wide variety of situations and temperature extremes, many low-quality lighters will experience several types of failures under these conditions. That’s why BIC® manufactures its lighters to a much higher standard, to withstand more severe conditions than the standard requirements. All BIC® lighters meet or exceed the ISO 9994 safety standard specifications and are child-resistant. If you have any concerns you can ask your supplier for an ISO 9994 certificate.

The potential risks of selling non-conforming lighters include:

  1. Heavy fines – up to $220,000 for individuals and $1,000,000 for corporations
  2. Compensation for loss and/or injury
  3. Withdrawal from sale
  4. No insurance coverage
  5. Loss of reputation

Protect yourself, your stock, your investment and your customers from any potential risks by ranging and selling the safest and most trusted lighter on the market**

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