Are you missing a huge opportunity? C&I Expo

“At this expo, I have spoken to at least half a dozen suppliers I’d like to be doing business with, but who have never been to see me.”

So, said the CEO of perhaps the most innovative of all of Australia’s independent convenience chains when he attended the last C&I Expo in Melbourne.

In fact, research published in C&I magazine in recent years has shown that representation by suppliers in the broader convenience channel is often very patchy. This is especially true of many smaller retailers who may never see a company sales rep at all. And many suppliers of the more interesting products find it impossible to get out and talk to more than a few store owners.

On the other hand, in a busy store with limited staff it is often very difficult for the store owner or manager to spend time looking at new products when a rep call. That’s where a trade show comes in.

In a single afternoon at the C&I Expo, you can walk the aisles and sample the best and newest of what our industry has to offer. That means seeing up to 130 companies in a single afternoon! To do that in the store would take the equivalent of at least a week or more. And who has the time to do that?

An afternoon spent at the C&I Expo is an investment in your business. Meet suppliers who value your business, will talk to you with sincerity and won’t take you for granted. You can sample and review products that could change your business for the better and you can take advantage of some of the exclusive show-only discount deals on offer. While you’re at it, take home a free C&I Industry Sample Bag.

Plus, you can pick up some valuable industry intel at the AACS Leadership Summit, which is free of charge to all C&I Expo delegates.

Register online now and we’ll have your passes waiting for you at the door.  See you next week in Melbourne at C&I 2018!

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