Arnott’s launches its first 50% Less Sugar range

Arnott’s has unveiled a new 50% Less Sugar range that includes the iconic Scotch Finger and Shortbread Cream biscuits.

The new biscuits follow the launch of Arnott’s Gluten Free range, which has been a hit with consumers since hitting store shelves in 2021.

The launch is a welcome addition to the pantries of Australian consumers, as new research conducted by Arnott’s revealed close to one in three Australians are looking to limit their sugar intake.

Arnott’s Marketing Manager, Pauline Mercier, said that taste remains a key consideration for Australians with 60 per cent of those surveyed saying they would buy a ‘better for you’ version if it tasted the same as the original.

“We’ve been listening to what consumers are asking for; one of the ongoing requests is for Arnott’s to offer more options that suit their specific dietary needs. Our dedicated bakers have spent more than a year perfecting the reduced sugar versions of some of our beloved biscuits and we are confident they’ve got the same great taste as their originals.”

By using a naturally occurring sweetener like monk fruit extract, the biscuits taste just as sweet and delicious despite the 50 per cent reduction in sugar. The Shortbread Cream biscuits use another touch of a sugar substitute – maltitol, to help ensure the filling stays creamy and sweet like the original.

The new Less Sugar biscuits are now available on shelves in the biscuit aisle at all major grocery stores, with an RRP of $4.70.

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  1. I would be so excited to try these if they used butter for the shortbread instead of vegetable oil, still 53% carbs which is still sugar to your body and mixed with vegetable oil makes it even less healthy than normal/original shortbread made with butter and rice flour

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