Arnott’s release closely guarded recipe

If you’ve been to a local supermarket lately, you’ll know isolation has sent many of us into a baking frenzy. Flour has been hot stock, as has sugar and yeast and social media is flooded with photos of home baked bread, cakes and pies.

And in perfect timing to make the most of those brushed up cooking skills, Arnott’s Biscuits has brought us all a little joy by releasing the closely guarded recipe for their much loved Monte Carlo biscuit.

Stating there’s no substitute for sharing a biscuit and a catch up with friends and family, the company – who put a disclaimed they “might not turn out exactly like the ones in the shops”, has shared the recipe in the hope it will help us to connect during these uncertain times.

And in a welcomed surprise, it’s mostly made of pantry staples many of us will likely have on hand and they could be on your plate in under half an hour.

Monte Carlo is the first recipe to be released by Arnott’s, who will publish more on their Facebook page and website each Friday over the coming weeks and who have invited bakers to share their creations on Instagram and Facebook along with the hashtag #BakeTogether. 

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