Arnott’s research reveals Australia’s favourite Shapes flavour

New research commissioned by Arnott’s has revealed Barbecue narrowly pipped Pizza as the nation’s favourite Shapes flavour.

With footy final season ahead, a major selling season for Arnott’s Shapes, Arnott’s commissioned a YouGov Galaxy poll to set the record straight on the country’s top Shapes flavour.

Arnott's Shapes The research showed Barbecue (15%) narrowly beat Pizza (14%) for top honours. Chicken Crimpy (12%) scraped into third position, with Cheddar (9%) scraping in for fourth.

Internal sales data shows a consistent uptick in Shapes sales during footy finals month over the past three years. And in 2018, footy finals month was Shapes’ strongest sales period of the year.

The research also revealed some significant generational differences. Baby Boomers (13%) were twice as likely as Millennials (5%) and Gen X (6%) to reach for the Cheddar Shapes in the shopping aisle. However, Millennials (28%) and Gen X (20%), said they couldn’t live without Pizza flavoured Shapes.

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