Arnott’s and Streets in legal stoush

Arnott’s has launched legal proceedings against Unilever’s Streets ice cream brand over Streets’ Blue Ribbon Mint Slice.

According to court documents obtained by the Australian Financial Review, Arnott’s has launched legal action in an attempt to block Streets from selling its Blue Ribbon branded Mint Slice ice cream, claiming consumers may be misled into thinking the product in is collaboration with the biscuit maker and contains Arnott’s Mint Slices when it does not.

Arnott’s and Streets have previously partnered together on products, and according to the AFR, in 2014 struck another deal to collaborate, with both reportedly signing confidentially agreements, however, the deal eventually fell through. Arnott’s said through this previous ‘alliance’ with Streets it shared sensitive information such as recipes and supplier details.

According to the AFR, Arnott’s wants Streets to be prevented from supplying or promoting any ice cream with the words “Mint Slice” and also wants the ice cream make to pay damages for loss of reputation and goodwill within the biscuit industry.

In a statement issued to C&I Week Arnott’s said it could not comment on matters before the court.

“Arnott’s has been baking Australia’s favourite biscuits for over 150 years. Our brands are our business, and we have a responsibility to protect them. As this matter is before the court we don’t have any further comments,” the company said.

C&I Week contacted Unilever for comment but did not receive a response prior to publication.

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