Arnott’s teams up with Cargill to boost sustainable farming

The Arnott’s Group is collaborating with Cargill to enhance the production of sustainable canola oil in Australia through Cargill’s SustainConnect program.

The program equips participating farmers with essential tools, resources, and market access, supporting the transition toward sustainable agriculture. Additionally, it opens new revenue streams for Australian growers and caters to rising demand from both domestic and international customers.  

Simon Lowden, Chief Transformation Officer at Arnott’s Group, said their collaboration with Cargill is a meaningful step towards creating more resilient and sustainably conscious supply chain in Australia.

“Key ingredients for our products, including canola oil, plays a crucial role in this effort. Our intention is that as the program continues to grow and evolve, that it provides a step change for the industry.”

Arnott’s says it recognises the need to protect the land on which they rely by sourcing their ingredients sustainably, and that collaborations across supply chain partners play a crucial role in achieving sustainability goals and delivering lasting benefits to farming communities.

Ben Fargher, Environmental Market Lead, APAC, at Cargill, said agriculture holds a unique opportunity to adopt sustainable practices that address the global climate challenge while improving economic prospects for farmers—the backbone of the food system.

“By implementing changes at the grassroots level of our supply chains, with partners like The Arnott’s Group, we can significantly reduce emissions and enhance soil resilience for future generations.”

The SustainConnect program is currently available to Australian canola farmers in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Victoria, and Cargill is looking to extend this program in Western Australian in the future.      

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