As the threat of COVID19 regains urgency, it’s time to consider alternative methods for maintaining a reduced-risk environment for employees and customers.

The importance of constant cleanliness can’t be overestimated but the practicalities of ensuring germ-free work and retail spaces can be challenging. The use of sprays and cloths are effective to an extent but require daily maintenance incurring additional labour and material costs; high pressure, high intensity cleaning is effective, but impractical on a regular basis. So, what else is there? One very impressive option to consider is an anti-pathogenic adhesive that can be applied to almost any surface.

Safe+Touch anti-pathogenic tape, which is proven to destroy 99.99% of bacteria, was developed by a Korean company that provides comprehensive infection control solutions to hospitals, nursing homes, medical labs and other primary care facilities around the world.

The patented technology uses a non-toxic, naturally antimicrobial material in a unique structure that gives it a semi-permanent lifespan. Its radical design kills germs on contact, and then refreshes to its original condition upon exposure to natural or artificial light.

In appearance Safe+Touch is similar to the rolls of Contact we use to cover school books, and as simple to apply. Rolls are available in transparent, non-transparent and child-friendly designs in different widths, and there is also a range of specific products designed for use on light switches, mobile phones and touchscreens, with more items in development.

Once installed, Safe+Touch does not require any special cleaning as it is constantly rejuvenating. The efficacy lasts as along as the substrate is intact. Should it require replacing, the tape removes easily without leaving any residue.

Safe+Touch anti-pathogenic tape provides a long-lasting alternative to antibacterial sprays with its excellent durability and persistency.

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