Australian Olympian Anna Meares to speak at AACS Leadership Summit

Gold medalist Anna Meares.

C&I Week is excited to announce gold winning Olympian Anna Meares will be the headline speaker at the AACS Leadership Summit at the C&I Expo in August.

Ms Meares is well known for winning multiple medals at Olympic, Commonwealth and World Championship levels.

She famously returned to cycling after suffering a broken back in 2008, to win a Gold medal at the 2012 London Olympics.

Beginning her career at the age of 11, Ms Meares was a professional cyclist for 22 years, and spent 15 of those years representing Australia at the elite senior level.

Ms Meares is the only athlete in Australian Olympic history, across all sports, to win individual medals at four consecutive Olympic Games.

AACS CEO Jeff Rogut said Ms Meares was certainly a lady to be admired.

“Our slogan for the last couple of years has been ‘Inspiring change’, and Anna embodies this spirit,” he said.

“Her ability to achieve and come back from adversity is admirable and I am sure that she will be an inspiration to our Summit attendees.

“Winning Gold at the Olympics is a major achievement but even more so is her triumph over personal adversity and not giving up.”

Joining Ms Meares will be a strong line-up of influential speakers at the Leadership Summit, including King-Casey principal Howland Blackiston, BP’s VP of sales and marketing in Australia Brooke Miller, ACS UK CEO James Lowman, and Brett Barclay, director of Convenience Measures Australia.

The AACS Leadership Summit has become a premier think tank for the leaders of the industry. It is held every year to bring local and international guests for people in the industry to learn about developments that may positively impact their businesses.

The summit aims to promote new ideas, new thoughts, and new concepts as well as reinforce some of the work that retailers are already doing and how they can take the right direction on some of the concepts.

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