Australian potato chip survey recently published a survey dedicated to potato chip lovers.

The Great Chip survey of 2019 revealed the results of the poll where participants ranked their favourite potato chip flavours. reported the results of the poll as the following:

1. Original Smith’s
2. Cheese Twisties
3. Salt and Vinegar Smith’s
4. Original Pringles
5. Cheezels
6. Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Red Rock Deli
7. Light and Tangy Thins
8. Chilli Kettle Chips
9. Burger Rings
10. Honey Soy Chicken Red Rock Deli

Many consumers tweeted their outrage at the list, complaining that Original Smith’s as the number one flavour were “outrageous”, “un-Australian” and “obviously wrong”.

Personally, C&I is disappointed not to see Red Rock Deli Sweet Chilli and Sour Cream or the humble Dorito, but as they say, better luck next time.

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