Australia’s original alkaline water launches in WHSmith

On a mission to empower Australians to take control of their health naturally, ãlkalife alkaline water has just launched in WHSmith stores across the country.

Initially available in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, there are plans to expand to Western Australia and Queensland in the not-too-distant future. 

Thomas Cho, General Manager at ãlkalife, says that a partnership with WHSmith will mean a greater opportunity to reach people unaware of the benefits of drinking alkaline water. 

“Our partnership with WHSmith means we have the opportunity to get in front of people who may have never considered drinking alkaline water before. 

“Awareness is the first step to change, and thanks to the support of WHSmith, we’re excited to be one step closer to improving more lives,” he said. 

The benefits of drinking alkaline water are many, says Cho, but its primary function is to support the body’s natural detoxification process. 

“Unfortunately, most of us tend to accumulate a lot of toxins due to our diet and lifestyle. Drinking alkaline water may help neutralise and flush these toxins out,” he says.

For the two decades since they launched to market in 2002, Cho says: “We have heard from countless people who have used our products to treat eczema, indigestion, reflux, and other conditions.”

What sets ãlkalife apart from other alkaline water products is its natural alkaline mineral composition, resulting from bottling at the source in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. 

“It’s crucial to remember that alkaline water’s advantages stem from its alkaline mineral composition, not from simply boosting the pH level artificially,” says Cho.

Encountering a few hiccups over the years, Cho says the main problem they’ve experienced from day one is a need for more education about the advantages of alkaline water. 

“We’ve had our fair share of challenges over the years. ãlkalife was a top-selling product in stores like Aboutlife and Healthy Life, with a run rate exceeding 100 units per store per week before they went into administration.

“Yet, our biggest challenge has always been lack of awareness. As Australia’s first-to-market alkaline water brand, we started at a period when you were thought of as “crazy” if you drank bottled water,” says Cho. 

On the back of this latest partnership with WHSmith, business is tracking in the right direction, says Cho, with a 34 per cent increase over the past 12 months. 

“We’ve just come off a successful trial with Jasbe Petroleum and have added an additional 170+ stockists this year,” says Cho, whose focus in 2023 will be improving efficiency in the face of the rising cost of raw materials and fuel. 

“The continual rising costs of raw materials and fuel has eroded our margins significantly, so we are investing heavily into setting up a new bottling plant,” says Cho. 

To celebrate the launch, ãlkalife is currently offering a “2 for $8” promotion at WHSmith outlets while stocks last. 

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