Australia’s Original Soft Drink


With summer approaching you can almost feel the sand on your feet, the salt on your skin and the taste that is a cold Wimmers Premium Soft Drink. All of which is entrenched into Noosa and our local Australian identity. Based on the Sunshine Coast, Wimmers Premium Soft Drinks have been bottling since 1910 and are one of Australia’s oldest soft drink manufacturers.

Today trading as Noosa Beverages they remain 100% Australian family owned and operated. Our iconic Wimmers and Café Earth brands remain the premium carbonated beverage offering.

There is no secret that all consumers are after choice and value for money. Wimmers Premium Soft Drinks offer a clear point of difference with iconic yet relevant flavours suitable to every occasion. Our local premium beverage offering continues to grow, fuelled by our authenticity and the suitability of being a clear alternative to alcohol. As consumers move towards a more of relaxation or treat consumption pattern, the opportunity for Wimmers Premium Soft Drinks offer on shelf becomes more relevant to retailers who themselves are looking for a point of difference.

Some of our most memorable flavours include Double Sarsaparilla, Lemon Lime & Bitters, Ginger Beer, Lemonade, Classic Creaming Soda, Portino, Lime Cooler and Raspberry Lemonade. These are still made using a timeless recipe and are sure to fire up your tastebuds.

Our premium soft drinks being either brewed or crafted are part of an increasing growing trend, especially amongst our millennial consumers. We have also identified the provenance of the brand has become increasingly influential in our consumers purchasing behaviour. Like our branding of Wimmers, where we depict a 1960s image of a couple surfing longboards along Noosa Main Beach, our consumers are also drawn to their memories and moments in time portraying positive reinforcement and an idyllic lifestyle.

Our view is to continue to create flavours that can be enjoyed across generations whilst remaining relevant to our existing adorers. Our product development team remain committed to collaborate with Australian suppliers to bring new flavours to life which are characteristic and representative of our brand.

Wimmers Premium Soft Drinks are supported with a full marketing campaign, including radio, digital advertising, social media and product tasting at key events to ensure customer awareness and to encourage trial. With the growing trend towards unique and polarising flavours you can be assured that Wimmers Premium Soft Drinks deliver exceptional quality, premiumisation and local provenance to your beverage aisle.

To find out more about Wimmers Premium Soft Drinks and how you too can profit, please contact, or phone 07 5447 6633.


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