Autonomous cars on the horizon

Bionic eyes could be used in autonomous cars in the future. 

Australian technology could be used to assist in the breakthrough of autonomous cars driving on the road.

The technology used in bionic eyes for human use, may be what enables cars to drive autonomously.

The CSIRO has claimed that this technology is being worked on to help navigate dangers on the road, like traffic signals, stop signs pedestrians and cyclists.

The CSIRO’s Data 61 division is working with China’s ZongMu Technology to equip vehicles with a computer like vision.

CSIRO Data 61 senior research scientist Dr Shaodi You said the technology would allow for autonomous vehicles to quickly react to hazards and dangers on the road.

“Our technology will allow self-driving cars to more quickly detect and avoid hazards, understand and obey road rules and to determine their exact location in relation to other moving vehicles and landmarks in a given environment,” said Dr You.

“The laser sensors used by the majority of companies are prohibitively expensive. On the other hand, the computer vision algorithms we’re developing with ZongMu cost one-tenth the amount and will allow commercial and truly autonomous cars to reach the road in a much shorter time.”

The theory is yet to be put to the test, however it is expected to be trailed in China within a year.

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