Awards shame big brands

The Fame and Shame awards have run for 13 years. Source: Parents’ Voice.

The annual 2017 fame and shame awards hosted by online platform, ‘Parent’s Voice’ have announced that Coca-Cola has won two of the shame awards.

Coca-Cola was announced as the winner of the ‘Foul Sport’ award, given to them it’s Powerade Powerscore campaign.

The campaign was designed to encourage children to purchase the sugary beverages, in exchange for sporting goods and products.

The company also received the ‘shame award’ for the Coke Summer campaign which encouraged teenagers to use a mobile app to win cans of Coke.

Parents’ Voice campaign manager Alice Pryor said parents were increasingly frustrated by children being advertised to.

“Children are constantly exposed to products which are inconsistent with healthy lifestyles and indeed, sporting careers,” she said.

Australian Dental Association Victorian Branch CEO Professor Matt Hopcraft said: “This new technology sets a bad precedent and further exploits children vulnerable to persuasive food and drink marketing.”

“Two in five Australian children aged 12 to 14 years have tooth decay in their adult teeth. Campaigns such as these make matters worse and encourage younger children to aspire to these unhealthy behaviours,” he said.

A spokesperson for Parents’ Voice said the brands and campaigns were nominated and voted for, by parents who were sick of food and beverage companies marketing unhealthy products to kids.

1 thought on “Awards shame big brands”

  1. A rather single sided report.

    I think it is perfectly alright to “market” to kids. As a parent I take full responsibility to ensure the kids won’t “go overboard”. They most certainly are welcome to have a Coke (~every other week). It is a lovely drink.

    To create a world of prudence where only drinks are available that are recommended by nutritional activists would likely only make water, whole milk and the occasional green tea available.

    Not only would such a world be rather boring, but it would also eliminate a large part of the industries that are a vibrant contributor for this economy…

    Everything in moderation!

    For the record: I do not work for nor have I ever worked for The Coca Cola Company.

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