Beforeyouspeak Coffee revolutionises the RTD category

After conquering the humble coffee with their supercharged blends, the experts at Beforeyouspeak are expanding their offering to tackle the demand for healthier on-the-go options with their newest RTD range boosted with vitamins, minerals and superfoods.

We live in a time where the global conscioussness around health is more significant than ever. As a result of this, consumers are demanding more benefits from the everyday food and beverages they consume.

As pioneers in the functional beverage category, Beforeyouspeak Coffee have tapped into this significant demand and taken ‘health on-the-go’ to a new level with their RTD range that is dairy free, low in calories and boosted with essential vitamins, minerals and superfoods.

The global natural health beverages sector is now worth more than $20 billion, with significant expansion forecasted as a result of the heightened emphasis on health due to the shifting attitudes and impact of COVID-19. According to Global Trend Forecaster WGSN, functional and fortified drinks with natural, dairy-free ingredients have seen a major increase in demand as consumers look to advance their health-routine beyond powder and capsule consumption. 

Despite strong demand, healthy alternatives are not widely available in the RTD aisle with most beverage options promoting a single caffeine hit and flavour focus value proposition, boosted with artificial sugar & dairy heavy ingredients. This presents petrol & convenience retailers with a significant opportunity to meet consumer demand by offering better for you beverages that support consumers’ ever growing health needs.

“100% dairy free with no artificial sugars, Beforeyouspeak’s RTD range delivers consumers a great tasting beverage boosted with essential vitamins, minerals and superfoods that is better for you”, says Beforeyouspeak CEO, Mel Kenneday.

Beforeyouspeak’s RTD range includes the Performance Blend, supercharged with Siberian Ginseng & Turmeric available in Double Shot & Oat Latte flavours; and the Collagen Blend infused with Marine Collagen & Biotin available in an indulgent Mocha Oat Milk Latte flavour.

As global awareness surrounding the links between nutrition and health continues to rise, now is the time for petrol and convenience retailers to diversify their RTD offering to meet the growing demand for ‘healthier’ alternatives. Contact Beforeyouspeak today

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