Bega launches scientifically backed sports milk

Bega has launched its first scientifically backed sports milk after research proved that flavoured milk can optimise exercise recovery.

The research, conducted by Monash University and funded by Bega Dairy and Drinks, led to the development of GOOD SPORT™, a milk-based beverage filled with a scientifically proven ratio of nutrients.

GOOD SPORT™ has been launched under Bega’s 180 Nutrition brand by Bega Dairy and Drinks – the market leader in flavoured milk beverages in Australia.

Associated Professor Ricardo Costa who led the research, revealed that flavoured milk maximises exercise recovery benefits, based on key nutrients: electrolytes, protein, and energy.

“The clinical trials showed that flavoured dairy milk consumed after exercise was more effective as a rehydration beverage compared to a standard *carbohydrate-electrolyte beverage,” Associated Professor Costa explains.

“Optimal nutrition after exercise is crucial for recovery, and we’re starting to understand that our gut and immune system can be compromised immediately following exercise, so it’s exciting to see how consuming dairy milk after exercise can help support the recovery of the gut and immune system too’.”

More than half of all Australians engage in regular physical activity, but 75 per cent aren’t regularly consuming exercise recovery beverages following a sweat session.

Taste and lack of believability are two of the main reasons Aussies avoid traditional sports recovery drinks1 and Bega Nutritionist and Accredited Sports Dietitian Claire Saundry explains how GOOD SPORT™ breaks these barriers.

“GOOD SPORT™ prioritises taste and natural nutrition, contains a nutrient package backed by scientific research, and we’re delighted to help Aussies meet their post exercise recovery nutrition goals with distinctively Aussie owned innovation made from Australian milk,” she says.

GOOD SPORT™ is available in both 350mL chocolate and strawberry flavours in the flavoured milk fridge at select Coles and Woolworths stores, independent retailers, and convenience stores nationally.

1Bega NARTD Usage & Attitude Study 2019, with 11,500 Australians

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  1. Does the product need to be refrigerated
    The retail stockists I have been to store the product in the fridge, but from what I read and understand from the label it should be refrigerated after opening. Could you please verify correct storage prior to opening
    Thank you

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