Behind the EG Group rebrand

Following EG Group’s rebrand of its sites to EG Ampol, C&I caught up with Leo Pucar, Commercial Director of EG Australia, to discuss the process.

The rebrand was completed in May, with just under 530 sites rebranding from Woolworths to EG for the ‘store’ brand and from Caltex to Ampol for the ‘fuel’ brand.

“The ‘Woolworths to EG’ store rebranding program commenced in late 2019 and was completed in May 2023. During this period, Ampol also announced that they would rebrand from Caltex to Ampol. This rebranding work, which was carried out by Ampol, commenced in July 2022 and was completed in December 2022,” said Pucar.

As Australia is the only country globally for EG Group where the brand is consumer facing, Pucar explained that this presented a fresh hurdle.

“This came with the challenge of re-designing the corporate logo while ensuring we retained the look and feel of the EG corporate brand. As a result, we removed the word Group, replacing it with a blue underline. This new, contemporary look has been well received by our customers and our brand partners.”

Pucar said that the rebrand has been a great opportunity to revitalise the appearance and ambience of every EG Australia site, regardless of its size or location.

“Although it is early days, we have received positive feedback from customers on the new look and feel of our sites. We have also seen an increase in traffic on our digital platforms including our EG Club App.”

Running in parallel to the ‘Rebrand’ program, a ‘Store Refresh’ program was rolled out to 220 stores.  This program introduced a new machine coffee and fresh food offer and a modernising of the facilities.

The decision to rebrand was the driven by the purchase of the Woolworths Petrol business by EG Group in April 2019, which required all sites be debranded from Woolworths. Despite the debrand, EG have an ongoing relationship with Woolworths, with the Woolworths Everyday Rewards brand continuing to be represented along with the EG brand.

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