BelVita has unveiled two new healthy breakfast snacks

BelVita has added two new morning snack offerings to its portfolio, recognising that consumers are increasingly looking for healthier options.

The two new products are Australian made Bakes and Coconut Bites. They have no artificial colours or flavours, and provide a source of fibre or prebiotic fibre.

BelVita Bakes come in three flavour varieties, including Dark Choc, Fig & Pear, and Raspberry & Vanilla Bean. They will be available in 180g multipacks and will retail for $5.80.

BelVita Coconut Bites are available in two flavours, Raspberry & Vanilla Bean and Dark Chocolate & Cranberry. They will come in 90g packs and retail for $4.70.

Constance Flegg, Senior Brand Manager, Mondelēz, says that Australian consumers are becoming increasingly aware of what they are consuming and are constantly seeking out new healthier alternatives.

“Australians are highly active snackers, relying on snacks almost as much as they do traditional meals.

“Almost three quarters (71 per cent) of adults enjoy a morning snack. Australians also have high expectations of what they are consuming – they’re telling us it must be tasty and a better choice.

“We’re thrilled to be expanding our range to include two ranges of delicious and wholesome snacks that cater to our increasingly busy lifestyles.”

BelVita has recently undergone a brand and visual identity refresh and will continue to evolve, expanding its portfolio into the morning snacks area.

The brand has also partnered with Spotify and three influencers, Pacha Light, Matty J and Liv Phyland, who will be curating a series of exclusive Bright Morning playlists, to give consumers a morning mood lift.

The new BelVita Bakes and Coconut Bites are available now through Coles and independent retailers.

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