Bennetto packs a whole lot of good into its chocolate

Bennetto is a carbon zero chocolate brand which produces a range of certified organic, Fairtrade, vegan, and gluten-free chocolates.

Bennetto’s range is also free from additives and preservatives and appeals to both the premium customer and health-conscious consumer. Bennetto is becoming as well known for its beautifully designed packaging as it is for the delicious dark chocolate that lies within.

Bennetto have achieved the ‘do good’ status by creating a value-added experience for their consumers and maximum impact for the farming producers.

All ingredients are real, whole, and natural. From freeze dried raspberries, toasty hazelnuts, and pure orange oils. Paired only with cocoa from Fairtrade farming communities in the prefect growing regions of Peru, Ecuador, and Madagascar, the result is a chocolate full of punchy flavors, interesting textures, and melt-in-the mouth complexity. And a bar that is uniquely illustrated with quirky birds from the origin to help tell the cocoa story.

With the unique ability to manufacture from single origin organic cocoa beans to scale and with-out additives, their positioning spans organic premium to super-premium with an ‘eat less, but better’, proposition and considered well priced and accessible to mainstream.

Each bar of Bennetto chocolate is a delicious gift on the inside and out.

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