The best in umbrellas in time for winter

Winter is well on the way, and with retailers sometimes forgetting to adjust their lines for seasonal change, now is the perfect time to stock up on much-needed umbrellas. It’s a classic desperation purchase, so while they don’t move very well on clear days, it’s not uncommon for them to sell out in minutes as soon as the rain rolls in.

That’s why Pacific Optics has exclusively ranged the high-quality ‘brellerz’ brand, ready for winter sales around Australia.

The brellerz name is synonymous with good looks, great value, and high-quality that comes guaranteed with real backing from the manufacturer.

Of course, umbrellas are not only a winter product. Most parts of Australia see rainfall all year round. In fact, Sydney’s average monthly rainfall doesn’t drop below 7.2mm, and in Darwin the Wet season falls during the traditional summer months of the southern states.

So, it’s important for retailers to ensure they are stocked all year round with a reliable brand of umbrellas that won’t break in the first gust of wind. Inferior brands are prone to let the customer down when the wind blows their newly purchased umbrella inside-out, rendering it useless and the customer wet through.

There are around 100 parts in the average umbrella, requiring some 500 individual processes to ensure manufacture and assembly is properly carried out, and the high quality of brellerz means that the customer can make their purchase in assurance the product will last longer than a single stormy day.

The brellerz range of compact umbrellas has been designed by a team with more than 75 combined years of experience in the design and construction of umbrellas which meet the highest standards, while a focus on honesty and reliability is a key component of the success of the brellerz factory.

For further product information or to place an order please email or call National Customer Service on (07) 5593 4222.

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