Bionade distributor loses fizz

Drinks Beverages Logistics Pty Ltd, the company that imports and distributes the Bionade range of boutique soft drinks, applied for voluntary liquidation in Sydney last week. Bionade was touted as Australia’s only brewed soft drink which, in Europe, was claimed to have at one time been an acquisition target for Coca Cola.

Managing Director, Karsten Knorr, cited poor and declining sales, insufficient working capital and no access to finance as the main reasons for the company’s demise.

Although the product was popular with the staff at C&I WEEK, it appears not to have appealed to the broader Aussie palate. One or two of the major convenience chains ranged Bionade and then deleted it due to lack of sales.

The liquidator has valued the drinks inventory at cost at less than twenty-five cents in the dollar and is looking to sell it off. For more information contact the liquidator, CRS Warner Kugel on (02) 8243 5231.

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    Hello, my name is Bernard BERTAUX, I’m an employe that was given a task by my boss in his company located in Malta to find the distributors of BIONADE. Helas I haven’t found anything so could you please help me!

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