Birds Eye launches steam bags made from recycled packaging

Birds Eye’s Steamfresh Vegetables 750g range will now incorporate 22 per cent recycled content within the steam bags, with plans for a broader roll-out.

This initiative is part of Birds Eye’s broader commitment to sustainable packaging, utilising Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) materials to reduce virgin plastic usage.

Katie Saunders, Senior Director of Marketing (APAC) at Birds Eye, said while the introduction of PCR is a starting point in the business’ long-term plan to decrease the use of virgin plastic, it’s a positive step forward for the brand and entire freezer category.

“We recognise consumers and retailers are increasingly seeking sustainable packaging solutions without compromising on quality and convenience. We share this desire to do more with less and to operate to the highest sustainability standards.

“Our move to incorporate 22 per cent recycled plastic into our Steamfresh 750g inner bags ensures Australians can now extend their eco-conscious purchasing behaviours to the freezer aisle.”

The new packaging will also feature a QR code, providing access to a video that showcases Birds Eye’s sustainability efforts and commitment to the circular economy.

In 2023, Birds Eye further reduced virgin plastic by 15 per cent in the SteamFresh (750g) outer bags, and by 2026, the company aims to incorporate at least 30 per cent locally collected and processed PCR into the range.

“This is another positive step in our mission to support a circular packaging economy. We’re committed to sourcing more Australian PCR content as it becomes available, expanding its inclusion across the Birds Eye range,” said Saunders.

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