Bobby is set to shake up better for you soft drink category

A new full-flavoured and better for you soft drink, bobby, is set to launch in May featuring added prebiotics for a healthy gut.

The Victorian produced beverage tastes just like the classics but is low-sugar, low calorie, and are all natural with no preservatives or artificial ingredients. The fully carbonated prebiotic soft drinks are launching in four flavours including Cola, Orange, Lemon, and Berry, with exciting NPD already in the works for release in November.

The entire bobby range contains Sunfiber a very high-quality prebiotic fibre that boasts 100 per cent stability through pasteurisation. Sunfiber is scientifically backed to promote gut health and accomplishes this without causing excess gas or bloating that can be felt after consumption of some fibres.

Kristian Johannsen, who previously held senior sales roles at Minor Figures and CAPI, is the brainchild and founder of bobby. He says bobby was created to bridge the gap between full sugar, artificially filled soft drinks and tasteless ‘better-for-you’ flavoured water, it allows consumers to get their thirst genuinely quenched whilst (actually) providing countless benefits to the gut.

“I created bobby out of a frustration of constantly trying new beverages that are sold on ‘functionality’ or ‘better-for-you’ only to be let down by the flavour, understanding the flavours consumers are still seeking daily I strived to make a better for you soft drink that was actually functional without compromising on flavour,” says Johannsen.

He says “bobby is not here to be another product on shelf, there are too many of those. Bobby is here to authentically connect to consumers and form part of their lifestyle, a brand that is as bold in flavour as it is in personality, something in my opinion the food and beverage industry is currently lacking.”

Sustainability is at the core of what bobby stands for, as well as completely recyclable packaging, bobby is currently on the way to receiving its carbon neutral certification through Climate Active meaning the business will be offsetting any carbon admitted and this is just the first step in doing business the right way.

Launching in May, just over 60,000 units have already been pre-sold through various state-based distributors with big plans to continue to expand the brands availability nationally through foodservice, retail, P&C, and beyond. The RRP is $4.00 and will be available to order from late April 2022 onwards.

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