Bonne Maman releases new reduced sugar fruit spread

Photo by Alexia Brehas

Bonne Maman is born of a long tradition, packed lovingly in glass jars with succulent fruits, sealed with their iconic gingham lids and handwritten style labels – it’s just like mum used to make.

Bonne Maman translates to ‘good mother’ in French. The nurturing, caring and thoughtfulness of a loving mother remains the same source of inspiration behind the beautiful new range of fruit spreads; Bonne Maman Intense is bursting with more fruit and 37% less sugar than regular conserves.

With 60% of Australian consumers cutting down on their sugar intake, and 36% of Australian consumers wishing that lower sugar or sugar-free products were commonly found in store*, Bonne Maman has decided to create a more fruitful path for their loyal and future fruit spread lovers.

For years Bonne Maman has been creating new flavours to expand their traditional conserve offering, however, Bonne Maman felt it was time to create Intense, an entirely new, healthier range. Still packed with the same amount of love and using only the finest natural ingredients with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives, Bonne Maman is humbled to be able to share their latest and greatest creation. Served in newly designed 235g jars, the available flavours include strawberry, raspberry, orange, and apricot. Not compromising on flavour or tradition, the new Intense range is perfect to be spread over toasted sourdough, slathered on fluffy pancakes or smothered on buttery croissants – creating delicious moments to be cherished, every time.

The Bonne Maman Intense range will be available in stores from the 15th of July 2019.

Photo by Alexia Brehas

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