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Auto Roller

 AutoRoller is a gravity fed shelving system for your beverage fridges that will improve the overall look and presentation while giving a boost to the performance of the category.

It’s a simple add on to the existing shelving that works to always keep product at the shelf edge, which will save retailers on labour by eliminating the need for staff to be working the shelves and bringing stock forward. This also improves the return on investment in the beverage category, as we know that having product at the front of shelf is a key driver of consumer purchasing.

The AutoRoller system is suitable for rear loaded cool rooms and front loaded fridges. It’s durable and easily maintained and is a great merchandising system designed to support efficient retailing.

Systems like AutoRoller have become standard across Europe but are yet to be adopted widely across the petrol and convenience sector in Australia. But as labour costs rise and retailers are becoming more interested in finding solutions to automate their retailing operations, AutoRoller is a simple system that ticks all of the boxes.

Proven Sales Growth

Installations to date have proven that AutoRoller can lead to a sales increase of up to 11 per cent (store level surveys). This is achieved by having product clearly visible and ready for sale making selection for your customers that much easier.

Layout flexibility

With adjustable dividers and multiple placement slots you can alter the layout with a minimum of fuss making planogram changes a much easier task for staff and vendors.

Improved operating efficiency

With gravity fed loading and dispensing, AutoRoller reduces the work involved in manually bringing stock forward. The time saved is invaluable in freeing up staff to focus on the more important tasks of providing excellent customer service.

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