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Bowser Bean responds to floods in regional Victoria

Bowser Bean has been swift to respond to floods that inundated its service station in Rochester in regional Victoria, along with damaging neighbouring houses and businesses.

The Bowser Bean team was not only able refurbish its site in record time but was also able to aid in rebuilding the community spirit in the area.

Rochester was completely inundated during the floods with more than a metre of water sweeping through the town, devastating businesses, and homes alike. The entire town was unable to trade, which meant there was limited food availability to residents and flood relief workers.

Seeing this drama firsthand as their own team worked to restore its flood impacted site, Bowser Bean decided to activate its mobile kitchen to feed and caffeinate Rochester residents and the volunteers who were in town managing the enormous recovery response.

For six consecutive days, the Bowser Bean mobile kitchen played a part in lifting community spirit by providing its famous burgers and delicious coffee free of charge. Not only did this provide the community with some much-needed fuel to assist with the massive clean-up effort but also provided a place to meet, converse and share hardships.

Bowser Bean Managing Director, Haydn Tierney, was humbled by this exercise.

“It was a privilege to be able to provide some assistance and I could not be prouder of my team. Over 2000 burgers, 1000 coffees, 500 sandwiches and a lot of dim sims can make a difference to a small town trying to get back on its feet,” he said.

As well expressing gratitude to his team throughout the Bowser Bean network, Tierney was also grateful for the support of their suppliers in this community activation, including bp, Beraldo Coffee, Moka, Angle Bay, Tip Top, Inghams and Accredited.

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