BP opens first dual travel centres in WA

BP has invested more than $40 million to develop two state of the art travel centres in Western Australia.

A first for the state, the dual sites at Baldivis South and North, were officially opened on Wednesday and service more than 9000 customers daily.

Located on 10 hectare greenfield sites on each side of the Kwinana Freeway, between Mundijong and Safety Bay Roads, each site is equipped with 39 fuelling stations, including BP Ultimate, BP Ultimate Diesel, unleaded, premium unleaded, diesel, Autogas and AdBlue.

The sites host McDonalds and Red Rooster as well as BP’s own food offers including a 150-seat Wild Bean Café. The sites also offer free wifi, a children’s play area, a garden area with a barbecue, ATM facilities and a lounge for truck drivers.

Baldivis photo 2

There is also extensive parking at the sites, including 10 b-double truck bays, three coach bays, three caravan bays, three trailer bays, and more than 100 car bays. BP Baldivis North also has bicycle access and a bicycle rack.

Andy Holmes, president of BP Australasia, said the travel centres will provide an increasing number of travellers and commuters with the opportunity to rest and refuel with the latest BP services in a fresh, modern environment.

“Our significant investment into these travel centres demonstrates our commitment to Western Australia, which is already home to BP’s long-standing Kwinana Refinery, and to growing our retail business across the country,”  Holmes said.

7 thoughts on “BP opens first dual travel centres in WA”

  1. To the Manager BP Baldivis Southbound,
    Dear Sir I would like to commend you & your staff for the care & assistance they provided me following a recent accident on your driveway.
    On Sunday 26th June, at about 7.30am, I was hurrying to pay for my fuel when I tripped on the kerb outside the shop. My attention was distracted by a vehicle exiting a bay to the left behind me. & I did not notice the kerb. I fell heavily on my face, causing a gash outside & inside my upper lip & knocking out 6 upper teeth. It could have been a lot worse.
    I remember a gentleman coming to my assistance immediately, handing me my wallet from where I lay, & asking if I was able to get up. He assisted me inside & seated me at a nearby table. He then went to inform my family waiting in the parking area what had happened.
    In the meantime a Female staff member brought some paper towel, & someone else brought ice water. I remember that the Manager came & enquired after me & took my name & phone number.
    I am grateful for the care & assistance that was provided at the time.
    I was driven to Rockingham Hospital & received excellent attention & treatment, & then referred to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital emergency dental centre where my gums & teeth were stabilised by very patient & professional people.
    I am happy to say that I had recovered from the superficial damage within 24 hours & able to resume daily activities. The dental repairs will be ongoing for some time.
    Please accept my gratitude for yourself & your staff member.
    Yours sincerely.
    Bill Ross.

  2. Hi. Great facilities was wondering though how to ring the as I think I lost one of my hearing aids down there this morning. Thank you

  3. Stopped in after bowls great place,but was wondering your phone number,I think I dropped my iphone ther and was wondering if anyone handed it in

  4. Tiria Hiri-Allsopp

    I drop in regularly and appreciate the clean toilet facilities and dining area.

    Everything is perfect.

    Thank you

  5. Hi it is great facilities down there and to would like to contact the manager of BP or McDonalds as I’m sure i lost a ring down there early Sunday morning i came in as the passenger on a motorcycle wearing gloves i went in and paid for fuel then to McDonalds for a chain latte where i dropped a couple of things from my purse i picked up a piece of paper and 5c not noticing anything else i got my coffee went on to charge my phone and back to BP to purchase a charger then outside for a smoke before realizing i lost my ring when i went to put my gloves back on at this time i noticed the floors being cleaned i ran through quickly looking around for my ring as it has sentimental meaning to me i mentioned it to the BP staff member at the time and left after thinking about it since I’m quite definite i lost it at that moment when i heard a couple of things dropping at the McDonalds counter so if by any chance it was found on the floor or in the cleaner i would greatly appreciate it being returned if so i will pick it up thank you

  6. Yesterday at lunch time I visited the disabled toilet prior to having lunch at a table behind the rubbish bin near the right hand side of the exit door. I put my rubbish in the bin then departed and drove to the city. On my arrival I discovered I had lost my diamond ring. It is a band with a full circle of diamonds . It may have slipped off my finger and gone into the bin.
    I am wondering if someone may have picked it up and handed it to a staff member. Thankyou

  7. My husband and myself went into Wildbean for coffee and cake, for drive to Busselton , 3staff standing behind coffee machine, not busy at all Saturday 4pm ,14th may 22, our coffee was just warm the muffin I feel was stale consequently we were already down the road so disappointed, will not go back there could say more .

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