BP dumps sexualised magazines

BP joins 7-Eleven, dumps sexualised magazines

Fuel giant BP Australia has pulled two “M+” rated magazines from its 350 petrol stations across the country after complaints they sexualised young girls and promoted harassment.

BP has confirmed People and The Picture magazines, published by Bauer, will be pulled from the shelves.

“M+ rated magazines will no longer be stocked at our 350 company owned stores across Australia,” BP tweeted this week.

The news follows reports in The Guardian yesterday stating that Bauer will close the magazines at the end of the year due to falling sales.

BP drops pornographic magazines

It also follows a recent decision by 7-Eleven to pull the magazines from their stores earlier this month.

7-Eleven CEO Angus McKay instructed 700 7-Eleven stores across the country to remove Picture and People magazines from their stores following a petition launched by lobby group, Collective Shout.

The decision was made swiftly once the content of the magazines was brought to the company’s attention, according to 7-Eleven CEO Angus McKay. “The material does not fit within the values of 7-Eleven,” said McKay. “That is why we made the decision to remove these products from our stores.”

Collective Shout will continue to lobby for other retailers such as Coles to follow suit.

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