BP on track for EV fast charging target

BP pulse, BP’s EV charging network, has added over 100 fast charge points since November last year, with a goal to roll out 600 by the end of 2025.

Over the year, BP pulse has announced partnerships with Uber and AGL Energy to provide charging and incentives to participating drivers and households.

Matt Elliott, Vice President of BP pulse Asia Pacific, said the team has turned strategy into action by rolling out charge points rapidly this year, and they’re on the road toward their 2025 target.

“By providing fast, reliable chargers across the country we hope to support Australia’s transition to EVs and break down barriers that may be preventing prospective EV owners to make the switch.”

Frédéric Baudry, President of BP Australia and Senior Vice President of Mobility, Convenience, and Midstream, Asia Pacific, said they’re on the road to net zero and are bringing their customers along for the ride.

“Putting EV chargers at the most convenient bp-branded locations across the country demonstrates our commitment to leading the evolution of mobility in Australia.”

BP has committed to becoming a net zero company by 2050 and the electrification of mobility is a part of that commitment.

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