Buderim Ginger win Business History Award in Queensland

Buderim Ginger are the winner of the 2019 Queensland Business History Award at the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame induction dinner.

This award recognises Queensland companies that demonstrate leadership in collecting, protecting, preserving and sharing its business history.

Buderim Ginger won the award for our extensive historical collection and efforts to share the company’s story with the public.

Andrew Bond, CEO Buderim Group, said, “Welcoming over 300,000 visitors annually to The Ginger Factory, Buderim Ginger is proud to share both our ginger history and play an active role in preserving and showcasing local history.”

“The Taste of Ginger Tour and taking a ride on our 118-year-old sugar cane train Moreton are family favourites.”

Vicki McDonald, State Librarian and Chief Executive Officer said, “Buderim Ginger’s story is one of Queensland ingenuity and hard work, and the company’s dedication to keeping, preserving and showcasing its business history is commendable.”

“As custodian of our state’s unique memory, State Library is committed to ensuring the safekeeping, sharing and accessibility of Queensland history.”

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