BWS now serving premium drive-through coffee

BWS has partnered with Double Shot Espresso to launch a new drive-through coffee offering at existing BWS sites.

The new premium coffee concept is being piloted at one of BWS’s largest sites in Davenport, Tasmania, with plans to expand nationwide in months to come. 

Bianca Milne, Format Development and Innovation Manager at BWS, said the opportunity to expand would attract new customers to BWS while also satisfying their existing core. 

“An opportunity was identified to expand our convenience offering to attract a new customer and further satisfy the core. 

“We’ve seen the activity of other convenient coffee brands and the demand from consumers, but we also know many aren’t satisfied with the quality of the dollar offerings. 

“BWS has prime locations that are Drive Thru ready, making the introduction of first-class coffee pit stops that will offer express, contactless and consistent coffee an endeavour worth pursuing,” she said.  

Peter Patisteas, Managing Director of the OG Group, owners of Double Shot Espresso, said the partnership offers his team the unique challenge of conceptualising a new premium coffee brand. 

“The OG group’s portfolio of premium coffee-first brands delivers complementary food and beverage provisions, tech solutions and value-added services. These diverse operations enable us to create a framework that could be easily scaled up. 

“We utilise the latest market innovation and sustainable manufacturing practices to produce consistent high-quality coffee with a first-to-market analytics platform to inform decision making and drive growth for all stakeholders,” he said.

Double Shot Espresso coffee carts will be fully equipped to offer early risers and motorists on the move fast, full-bodied coffee with either full cream or soy milk. 

BWS Gateway Drive was chosen as the national launch location for its newly-renovated four-lane drive-through facilities and popularity with locals and tourists. 

Double Shot Coffee at BWS Gateway drive is open Monday through Saturday from 6:30 am.

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