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Cadbury partners with renowned Aboriginal artist for Mother’s Day

Cadbury has partnered with Aboriginal artist Michelle Kerrin to design a limited-edition Cadbury Roses gift box ahead of Mother’s Day.

Kerrin’s artwork is titled ‘Meye’ and articulates her vision of the traditional rose, the birthing caves that represent the long line of motherhood, and the togetherness of community.

“We are born into a Matriarch of strong women. We are raised by our mothers, our birth mothers, aunts, grandmothers, sisters and all women from our communities.

“The Matriarch is powerful, bold and warm. It gives us life and enables our existence. Mum, mother, ma, Meye… we must always give back to our mothers. We must always return this love,” says Kerrin when speaking of her artwork.

Meagan Denison, Cadbury Roses Assistant Brand Manager said it was a privilege to work with such a renowned Aboriginal artist to “articulate her vision of Mother’s Day”.

“Mother’s Day means different things to different people, similarly to how Australian’s feel about Cadbury Roses. We are thrilled to be able to utilise our traditional Roses box to share Michelle’s inspiring story.”

This Mother’s Day, Cadbury Roses has also donated $50,000 to the Stars Foundation, which supports and inspires young Aboriginal girls to reach their full potential.

“We are thrilled to receive this donation from Cadbury, which will support our important work in providing intensive mentoring support to First Nations girls and young women in schools,” said Stars Foundation CEO Andrea Goddard.

Michelle’s limited-edition 450g Gift Box is available in all leading supermarkets & department stores, RRP $15.50.

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