Cadbury reinvents its Chocolate Coated Nuts range

The team at Cadbury has relaunched its Chocolate Coated Nuts range with a sleek new look and a new flavour added to the line-up.

The latest addition to the Cadbury Chocolate Coated Nuts range is the Cadbury Milk Chocolate Coated Roasted Hazelnuts. The tasty new flavour includes premium Roasted Hazelnuts, enrobed in deliciously smooth Cadbury milk chocolate.

Along with the new flavour, the Chocolate Coated Nuts range has unveiled new packaging across its full range, which includes Cadbury Milk Chocolate Coated Hazelnuts, Cadbury Milk Chocolate Coated Almonds, Cadbury Milk Chocolate Coated Peanuts, Cadbury Milk Chocolate Coated Fruit & Nut, Cadbury Milk Chocolate Coated Sultanas and Cadbury Old Gold Dark Chocolate Coated Almonds.

Paul Chatfield, Marketing Director, Mondelēz, says the range has already enjoyed huge success and the new look makes it perfect for gifting.

“The Cadbury Chocolate Coated Nut range is a classic all-time favourite,” he said.

The Cadbury Chocolate Coated Nuts range is available at all Australian major retailers for RRP $10.00.

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